Behold !
A New Dawn

 It’s a new dawn, forget about the former things, it’s a new season. BEHOLD! there is a new dawn on the horizon.

Anchor Scripture: Luke 1: 78 -79


Date: 19th – 25th June 2023

Venue: Pentecost Covention Centre (Gomoa – Fete)

Committee's Message

Ebenezer!! Thus far has the Lord brought us. We give thanks to God for letting us see this season of our lives. Most importantly, for letting us escape the Covid-19 pandemic. In our bid to move on with our lives, there is a need to take a retrospective look at the past to be able to better prepare for the glorious future God has promised to His children.

Whilst many of us made it out alive, our Christian faith sustained various degrees of challenges. Some found good Christian groups to keep the fire ablaze, others struggled by themselves and did the best they could to at least keep the fire. Yet still some didn’t find any hope and saw their fire extinguish along with the country’s economic strength.

Nevertheless, life must go on. There is still hope for the children of God in aftermath of covid. It’s time to draw near to God, who is the author and finisher of our faith as we enter this new season.

God is about to do something new. The Kingdom of God is marked with time and seasons. Seasons come and they go. Are you aware of the seasons? And do you even know the season we’re in now? … A new season is about to break forth and we don’t want to miss this opportune time. It’s a new dawn, forget about the former things, it’s a new season. BEHOLD! there is a new dawn on the horizon.

Join the ARCYC 2023 as we journey with God to witness this remarkable event manifest in our lives. As the theme for camp say: Behold! A new dawn, let’s prepare our hearts and minds in anticipation for the new experiences that Youth Camp 2023 promises to bring.

Empty vessels will be filled, broken vessels will be mended, hope will be restored. The beginning of a new season, discovering and taking over uncharted territories…. the outpouring of God’s grace in a greater measure and more.

Come as you are, with your expectations, problems, siblings and friends.


Countdown to Youth Camp 2023